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I'll Be Back | A 2023 short film

I'll Be Back | A 2023 short film

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I'll Be Back is a gripping and emotional drama that explores the harrowing journey

of a young girl named Clara, who must navigate the treacherous waters of an abusive parent while also caring for her ailing mother.

"I had the privilege of attending Prodigy Camp in Leavenworth, Washington. The camp, which is designed for storytellers allowed me to really explore and expand on my skills as a filmmaker ."

Brook DeSchutter

Beth faces a post-apocalyptic world with strength and bravery as she survives alone. She encounters Jane, another young person who is alone in the world. They band together in order to survive. Created as part of Cinecentral's 48-hour film challenge, ALONE AGAIN is a story of hope, survival, friendship, and the ability to keep going.

"I created this film as part of a 48-hour film challenge where I wrote, directed, and produced a film in 48 hours. It was so much fun to be creative under the time pressure." Brook DeSchutter

A single father dealing with and questioning his mortality while his teenage daughter bears witness to it all. A heartwarming story of love between a father and daughter.

"I loved co-writing this film. Being a part of a team and collaborating on this script was a real rewarding experience "

Brook DeSchutter

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