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Brook DeSchutter

Born: July 7, 2006 in Vancouver, BC 

Resides: Vancouver Island, BC

Struggling with dyslexia in school sparked my love for making films that tell stories through visuals.

It's not just about understanding the world, but also expressing myself in it.

Each video I create is a way to explore the world and share my thoughts.

Through filmmaking, I found a strong and exciting way to show who I am. Filmmaking is a powerful tool for expressing myself and connecting with others.


November 2023 James Lee Foundation Scholarship Recipient

March 2023 Youngest filmaker to enter the Cinecentral 48-hour film challenge in Nanaimo, BC. Won 3rd Prize

November 2022 - Joey Award for Best Actress in a Short Film

June 2022 - New Jersey Film Awards Best Actress in a Short Film

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